Imagine yourself in the middle of 3000 acres of nature. Native vegetation, wild animals and exotic birds make you feel in harmony with the universe. You become part of nature. The world stops. You feel you went back in time.
Wake up with the gentle heat from the sun.

Walk in contact with pristine nature (2 km trail) through the central valley to the Serra da Meia Noite. Begin an ascent of 1 km for the first plateau and you will be gifted with a 180 degrees view of the Chapada dos Veadeiros. You will feel like you can reach as far as 40 km of distance.Feel the soft breeze of the mountain in your face when arriving on the second plateau that is 1 km of the first plateau and will give you a view of 240 degrees and a reach of 60 km. Be carefull, you might be tempted to forget your worries and just move there!

Be aware, there is much more! Walk another 1 km, and you will be at the highest plateau in the middle of the heart of the "serrado". Be prepared! With a view of 360 degrees and 1100 meters of altitude you will feel the proximity to God!
With a view reaching more than 80 km of distance, passing the dam Serra da Mesa, it is the favorable place for meditation and reaching your soul.

The Chapada dos Veadeiros is the highest region in central Brazil, known as a source of energy and rich in crystals of quartz. You will be able to experience the law of esoterism: the energy that comes from the cosmos is captured easily by a human being on a high point and concentrated by the presence of crystal of quartz. After this experience, you will feel like levitating.
Soon afterwards, relax a little and refresh your body and soul in a waterfall of almost 100 meters of height, creating numerous swimming pools and decks with paradisiacal view.

If you like horseriding, the same walk by horse is a great option, especially by moonlight. There is vary ways of knowing the farm: trails or horseriding, or a panoramic flights by handglider. If you like stronger emotions, you can opt for rapeling.
To look at the stars blunting in the horizon is an indescribable experience. The sky is replete of stars: all directions illuminated by them. At night, relax and take advantage of the view and pleasant temperature.

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